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Meet the organizers:

bosseGrace Bosse is a graduate of the UNF Physics Department (2008) and of the Johns Hopkins Department of Physics and Astronomy (2015). Currently, as the lab manager of the UNF physics department, she is responsible for department logistics such as course scheduling, managing multiple department budgets, and co-organizing open house events. Previously, she organized the graduate student mentoring program and co-hosted the graduate student wine and cheese discussion forum at Johns Hopkins University from 2012-2015. She was an invited speaker at the Johns Hopkins Physics Diversity Group Fall 2014 meeting, speaking about pride in science and actively creating an inclusive environment. She was a panel speaker at a National Society for Women in Physics event at UNF in 2016, encouraging women to pursue STEM careers. She is a trained safe space affiliate and actively provides support and resources to all students, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

kelsoChris Kelso is currently an Assistant Professor in the the Physics Department at the University of North Florida. He was previously a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Physics & Astronomy Department at the University of Utah after graduating from the University of Chicago. Chris’s expertise is in astroparticle physics, which sits at an intersection of particle physics, cosmology, and astrophysics. He has a broad interest in dark matter, supersymmetry, the CMB, neutrino physics and cosmic rays. His work often bridges the gap between theory and experiment as it has a particularly strong focus on data analysis. His research thus far has already led to important contributions in each of the three detection strategies used to search for dark matter. In addition, his commitment to outreach and increasing diversity in STEM fields has resulted in numerous, significant contributions in these areas.

hewittJack Hewitt is an astrophysicist interested in energetic processes that occur in our own Milky Way and nearby galaxies. He focuses on the acceleration and propagation of cosmic rays, which drive chemistry in interstellar clouds. He is also studying the unique environment at our galaxy’s center, which hosts the highest density of massive stars and the closest massive black hole. His research uses ground and space observatories that span the entire electromagnetic spectrum from radio to infrared to gamma rays. Jack joined the faculty of UNF in the fall of 2015. He is active in public astronomy outreach through Astronomy Nights at UNF and #popscope, an urban astronomy movement that promotes sidewalk astronomy.

trevorTrevor Cheatham is the office manager for the UNF Department of Physics. His duties include organizing the department’s colloquium series, managing department budgets, and planning and executing travel arrangements for guests arriving at UNF and faculty traveling from UNF. He is currently on the organizing committee for the 2D and Dirac Materials Workshop, hosted by UNF in partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratories. He is also the secretary for the Jacksonville Joe Berg Seminars, a science and humanities seminar series for high school students in Duval County, where he organizes graduation ceremonies, speaker presentations, and testing dates for hundreds of students every year. He is also the advisor for a leadership society at UNF that organizes multiple events every semester, as well as a large graduation ceremony every year.